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موضوع: در خواست ترجمه محاسن دایکست

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    پیش فرض در خواست ترجمه محاسن دایکست

    یه سری از محاسن دایکست هست که میخوام ترجمه بشه.
    دایکست یکی از دستگاه های ریخته گری با قالب از نوع دائمیست که تو صنعت خودرو کاربرد مهمی داره.اینم اطلاعاتش:
    Die cast component parts, decorative trim, and/or finished products offer many features, advantages and benefits to those who specify this manufacturing process.
    · Die casting provides complex shapes within closer tolerances than many other mass production processes.
    · Die castings are produced at high rates of production. Little or no machining is required.
    · Die castings can be produced with thinner walls than those obtainable by other casting methods.
    · Die casting provide parts that are durable, dimensionally stable and have the feel and appearance of quality.
    · Die casting dies can produce hundreds of thousands of identical castings within specified tolerances before additional tooling may be required.
    · Die castings can be produced with surfaces simulating a wide variety of textures.
    · Die cast surfaces, as cast, are smoother than most other forms of casting.
    · Holes in die castings can be cored, and made to tap drill sizes.
    · External threads on parts can be readily die cast.
    · Die castings provide integral fastening elements, such as bosses and studs, which can result in cost savings in assemblies.
    · Inserts of other metals and some non-metals can be die cast in place.
    · Corrosion resistances of die casting alloy rates from good to high.
    · Die castings are monolithic. They combine many functions in one complex shaped part. Because die castings do not consist of separate parts, welded or fastened together, the strength is that of the material, not that of threads or welds.
    · Die casting is an efficient, economical process which, when used to its maximum potential, replaces assemblies of a variety of parts produced by various manufacturing processes at significant savings in cost and labor.
    پیشاپیش از مترجمین عزیز سپاسگذارم.

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    پیش فرض

    ترجمه :

    برای دیدن متن ترجمه شده اینجا را کلیک کنید.

    مترجم : غزاله . م
    ویرایش توسط pedramMC : 03-05-2013 در ساعت 02:17 PM

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    پیش فرض

    تاپیک بسته شد.

    پدارم عزیز متن ترجمه شده رو در تالار مربوط به خودش ارسال کن.
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